Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long Borders Update

Although I have not posted for a while, I have been out a bit in the back garden working on the Long Borders. I have to admit, however, that I am ashamed for the amount of time and effort that I have put into this project. It is H-O-T here!!! I am from the Gulf Coast and every winter I dream of sunny days and flip flops and working in my yard. This summer, however, either it is really a lot, lot, lot hotter or I am getting older. It is probably both. So, when I look at the progress in the borders, I am going to try not to be too hard on myself by telling myself, "It is too hot for plants to survive a transplant in this heat" or "It is better to be patient and let the garden be and contemplate your next idea" when, actually, it is just too HOT and I find it hard to go out there at times these days. I took the following pictures this morning though. After a couple of days of wonderful sporadic downpours that my mom who lives two minutes away did not get, I ventured out with my camera to document the progress as of today.

Front view of Long Borders back in April.

Long Borders from almost the same view today.

Before I looked back at the beginning of the Long Borders pictures -- see, this is why journaling is important -- I was thinking that there had been absolutely no progress to speak of. However, when I do compare the pictures, there are definitely changes and progress has been made. I guess when you are the kind of "yard person" that I am, unless you are there all the time tending to and planting and rearranging and buying new, it feels neglected and dull. When I look back at the first pictures, though, it does teach me that I do not have to spend day after day tending to something and can take a "weather" break every now and then and it's okay!

Below are some other various photos from this morning of the borders with various new plantings.

This is to side of my garden building. The miscanthus that is partly covering the door is one that I dug out of Cindy's yard from My Corner in Katy.

This is an up-close view of what is left of my wildflowers I grew from seed this year and a brand new thyralis that I just planted a couple of weeks ago.

I am definitely wanting to still place a river birch at either the front left of the Long Borders or the back right (looking from the house at the borders). Initially I felt that I wanted two river birch trees but I am thinking it could be too much. Just not sure yet. I definitely need to add some evergreen material before winter. Almost everything I have planted is deciduous and in the winter it is going to really look barren.

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